Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Land and Water Interacting

A theme we are investigating is how land and water interact in a community. Here are some examples: Agricultural land interacts with water by using the water for farming, watering plants, and cows drinking from rivers and other bodies of water. When it rains the water washes pesticides and chemicals into these streams, along with manure. The rivers will carry these along, water being polluted, polluting land around it, hurting and killing animals/plants in and out of water.

There are also residential uses. Residential means houses and human uses at home. A bad human use might be gardening, fishing, or boating. When you garden there can be chemicals and if the chemicals get in the water it could pollute the water. Boating can also be bad for bodies of water because people might have milfoil on the bottom of the boat and can invade the bodies of water that it travels through.

Commercial and Industrial uses could have a big impact on a body of water near it. For example, factories have sometimes used a nearby body of water for dumping sewage. Businesses use rivers/lakes etc. to provide energy and academic purposes. This change isn’t good for the environment. It could harm the animals that live around the water or that live in the water. Also this business mindset can destroy the balance of animals, plants and more. If water in rivers and streams becomes too polluted, there is no use for it except the initial use of a dumping ground. We don't want another Cuyahoga River.

When all of these uses pollute the water, the land around it will not be so healthy either.

- Ethan, Shannon, Patty, Angelita, Claire, Nicholas, Piper, Maia

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