Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Making Elevation Models

In groups of three and four, we made elevation models. We crumpled a piece of paper and then uncrumpled it, making a raised relief map.

We looked at how the crumpled paper was shaped like mountains and valleys. Next, we labeled the high and low elevations and predicted where the water would flow and pool. Then we sprayed water on top of the model, to act as rain.

We watched where the water pooled and flowed while taking notes and reexamined our predictions. We learned that where houses are can affect the flow and quality of the water.

Our conclusion is that water always flows from high to low elevation. Even if the land looks flat, the water will find its way to a river, lake, or another body of water.

- Breanne, Siena, Andrew, Owen, Desmond, Mikalah

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