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I seen point source and non point source pollution.I saw point source like a chainsaw running on gas, gas was most likely to travel on water/boat from place to place when the chainsaw was running it polluted the air.I have seen other point source like a lawn mower mowing the lawn, a car having really black exhaust coming out of it.The last point source is that I saw someone drop trash on the ground.Moving onto non point source pollution I saw a plastic bag moving around from the wind in a parking lot, a plastic cup on the ground and a plastic bag left on the ground.
How land and water interact

This module my class have been looking at two pictures of different land use.Agriculture and commercial.Commercial land use is like using leaf blowers,lawn mowers,fertilizer,and fuel/oil spills on the road.Leaf blowers/lawn mowers pollute the air unlike fuel on the road it pollutes the water from runoff it gets carried to water eventually.Agriculture is stuff like fertilizer, and tractor exhaust.they pollute water and air.We have also been studying different land uses like industrial, and residential and how it can pollute like smokestacks and taking in water then releasing it when chemicals are in it.We have looked at water quality and stuff related to that like how it looks like when the balance is out of balance.

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